December 10th, 2004


My old buddy Murphy

Perhaps predictably, when I got to the 28th Avenue LRT station I discovered that I'd forgotten to turn the Kia's lights off, and so the battery was drained. stuckintraffik was kind enough to come out and try and jump-start the truck, but that didn't work, so he wound up giving me a lift home by way of the Walgreen's, where I picked up a fresh bottle of Kelflex. Yay. I gave him the nickel tour of the apartment and introduced him to Cowzilla.

Hopefully the truck's battery will have recharged enough by this evening so that I can drive it home. In the meantime, I got up at the crack of dawn, discovered that we have no bandages big enough to fit over the holes where my toenails used to be, and hobbled down to the bus stop at the end of the parking lot to catch the 589, which has replaced the 597 route that used to come by the apartment. I was the first passenger on the bus, and all told there were less than half a dozen people on the route, which runs in a big clockwise circle around Hyland Lake Park and Bush Lake Park before coming out on 84th Street and heading north on Highway 100 to 394 and then into the city along Nicollet Mall. Essentially, this is a southern extension of routes 587 and 588 that serve Edina and northwest Bloomington.

I have an invitation tonight to go out and watch bad TV, but I think I'm going to be worn out enough by coming in early and dealing with my feet (and, quite possibly, having to get the damn truck jumped and/or towed) that I may give it a pass and just rest up for tomorrow's AD meeting at Tae's.
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This week's anime

Well, this week's load of anime is almost done, which isn't too surprising since two of the disks are holdovers from last week (Martian Successor Nadesico 1 and Dai-Guard 1) which means that there are only three new discs to work through.

I'll talk about Escaflowne last, because there will be spoilers, and because in a way it's the odd man out of this week's picks. Nadesico and Dai-Guard have a common plot point - not the "humans battling aliens" plot, though there are definitely aliens in both, nor the "giant robot" plot device, though Dai-Guard is in fact a giant robot of the kind parodied in Nadesico's "Gekigangar 3" show-within-a-show, and in addition Nadesico has the Aestivalis mecha. No, the unifying plot point for these two anime is the "private military company going to war because the government is too inept/backwards/cheap (pick one) to use the only weapons effective against the aliens." In Nadesico, Nergal Heavy Industries builds the eponymous space battleship and deploys it against the Jovian Lizards, upon whom it wreaks great devastation; in Dai-Guard, 21st Century Security Corp. built their giant robot to fight the first invasion of the Heterodynes (no relation to the heroes from Girl Genius) but it lies inert as a budget sink and sometime tourist attraction before the Heterodynes return and an impulsive young salaryman takes it into action to save some innocent civilians. Both series are fun little romps, not to be taken too seriously, and both poke fun at the sometimes ossified bureaucracy that runs both the Japanese government and, occasionally, Japanese corporations. I think anyone that appreciates Keith Laumer's "Retief" stories will enjoy both of these series, which show bureaucrats at their dangerously inept worst.

And now to Escaflowne. Spoilers follow.
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