November 30th, 2004


Sic transit gloria Monday, and Tuesday's not lookin' too hot either

Yesterday started off badly. Any morning when you wake up with your foot throbbing painfully is not a good morning, and especially when the pain persists through doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen. It hurts putting socks on, it hurt putting shoes on, it hurt a lot to walk on it. This is not the way it was supposed to feel after ten days of antibiotics and foot soaks, though I had been somewhat of a slacker on the soaking. Got an appointment with the family doctor, who changed the antibiotic, informed me that I had what's effectively an abscess in my foot, and told me to call a podiatrist and have the offending toenail removed stat.

So of course I go out to the truck and discover that I'd left my cell phone at work. *sigh*

Dinner consisted of a couple of overpriced Chuckwagon sandwiches at the college's bookstore after I finished hammering out my assessment assignment; this morning I'll be going in to the middle school to do a couple of hours of observations for another assignment and then toddling off to work. Hopefully I can get hold of the podiatrist and get wedged in this week. We'll see.
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More inappropriate test results

you were a Peter Gabriel song you would be :

80's veneer, the only way to describe you. Full of life, you party hard

and live fast. Your a crowd pleaser and enjoy every moment in the spot

light. Always cool. Shame that your only poplar for a short time before

the fashion changes and everyone dumps you for something new.

Gacked from michaellee. For the record, my favorite Peter Gabriel songs are "Steam" and "Secret World".