November 26th, 2004


Bad motivator circuit

I'm going to be late for work this morning, and I can't say that I care very much. Neither my supervisor or my manager are going to be there, and I'll have a grand total of one hour's work to do, so I'm in no real hurry to get my butt in there. With Internet access gone, this day is going to last about five geological eras, and I don't think the CFO's going to set me free at 2:30. I foresee some long breaks in my future.

Well, duty is duty, so I might as well clean up, find my jeans with the blown-out back pocket, a black logo-free T-shirt, and hit the road for the train station by way of the local McD's. Maybe if I bang my head a few times I can get the motivator circuit sparking enough to fake some semblance of interest in the work.
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