November 24th, 2004


Mostly apathetic, with occasional outbreaks of rage

Well, nothing quite like doing a good job and then getting dumped on by management over something petty. I finished the month-end balancing yesterday, went to lunch, and not too long after I came back I got hauled into the corner office for some performance counseling. Once again, management is upset for me for using their Internet pipe to do non-business things (like maintaining LJ, searching Google, reading blogs, etc.) which is not explicitly barred by the WF policy on such things. However, since they have been persistently irritated by this and written me up a number of times for it, it has now become "insubordination" according to the HR folks, and the next time it happens they'll have the justification to fire me.

Now, if they were keeping me busy with real work (as opposed to cleaning my cube, which is kindergartner crap IMAO) I wouldn't mind so much, and in fact I wouldn't be surfing at all since I'd be working. Unfortunately, there are entire days that go by with no more than a handful of phone calls and e-mails, and I am terrible at looking busy. So, this whole business is a complete irritant, and my first reaction to this was to just sign the paper, tell them "I quit", and walk out with my stuff in a box. Fortunately, since I'm a somewhat mature adult, I realize that this would be shooting myself in the foot. To be blunt, I owe too many people too much money to even think about quitting Wells, and the situation would be aggravated by quitting because the interest rates on a number of loans and cards would jump from the present minimal team member rates to whatever the market would bear - and given my current hideous credit rating, that would get real ugly real fast. So I don't have much choice but to suck it up for now and keep banging the rocks together. I'm not going to pretend to be happy with it, though, and if they think I'm going to go out of my way to volunteer for anything in this department, they can just suck on it, 'cause it ain't gonna happen.

The sole patch of blue sky on my planet at the moment is that we're free at 2:30 today thanks to the CFO. I swear, sometimes it seems that senior management treats us better then the mid-echelon salarymen.
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Hey, God. Thanks.

I subscribe to an e-mail newsletter that's fairly conservative socially and fiscally, and around this time of year their newsletter reminds subscribers that Thanksgiving does in fact have a religious basis and goes back to the days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anyone with a decent grounding in American history knows that already, but it never hurts to get the reminder - and it does make me think.

Deep thoughts - well, maybe not so deep - follow.
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