November 17th, 2004


The Arlen Specter thing

There's something about Arlen Specter that puzzles me. He's managed to alienate the cultural conservatives in the Republican Party, and now I see that the anti-tax hardliners at the Club for Growth are agin' him as well. I also seem to recall that he's gone wobbly on a number of other issues near and dear to most members of the GOP such as the right to keep & bear arms and welfare reform.

Given all that, on what grounds does he still consider himself a Republican? I know it's a big tent and all, but there is a point at which you aren't inside any more.

Every little bit helps

Fought off a cold -or something- yesterday by dint of much Fire Sauce on my lunchtime tacos and a Chipotle burrito with the hot salsa for dinner. Swilling as much water as I could stand also helped, I'm sure, as did the DayQuils...those don't dry me up like they used to, though, so I had to run out in the morning and get a new box of Kleenex too.

Finished the second disk of Dual! last night, and I like it a lot.
Spoilers follow.
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