November 15th, 2004


Beyond the end of the world

Before we get into the serious stuff, let me refer you to the Chizumatic review of the Ah My Goddess! movie, which I saw in parts at CONvergence 2003 and other places. Good movie, though I'm confused by SDBs' reference to the TV series, which as far as I know is still in production in Japan and hasn't aired yet. Maybe he meant the OVAs. *shrug*

And now, on to Saikano. Spoilers follow.
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Well, this figures

The one week in months when I miss Earl Root's radio show, and it turns out that's the night he makes the announcement that he's closing his store. Go on over to the website and read the bad news yourself. This doth suck greatly.

CLARIFICATION: I am not angry at Earl for closing his store; I'm angry that it was necessary for him to do so, and angry that I just found the store in the last year after driving by it a few zillion times.

Loving the alien

Please Teacher is an odd series...from the packaging, you'd think it was a hentai series catering to teenage boys lusting after their young lady teachers, but it turns out to be a bittersweet romance that only occasionally veers off into comedic territory. I finally finished the series Saturday night after missing it at MinneTokyo. So what's it like?

Spoilers follow.
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