November 12th, 2004


And I wasn't even sick.

Amazing what a little discipline will accomplish. This week's weigh-in saw a loss of almost eight pounds, but then I've been pretty good this week. Haven't been sticking strictly to the program, but I have been mindful of what I'm eating and have avoided any gluttonous binges.
Maybe I ought to try it more often...the goal of getting below 400 by New Year's Eve no longer seems impossible, though it'll still be difficult.

Didn't get much done yesterday with the exception of a shopping run to Sam's Club, where Melody and I loaded up on meat and other staples. It's a little odd shopping there. In a lot of ways it reminds me of shopping at the Commissary with my father when I was a little kid - very large packages of food at absurdly low prices, but not a lot of variety, with the added strangeness of all the hardware and small business/department store-type stuff for sale. Maybe more like a Commissary/Base Exchange combination, come to think of it. Anyhow, besides that and the work of schlepping it back to the apartment (thank God, Scott helped lug it upstairs and broke up the meat packs into smaller freezer bags) I didn't do much yesterday. Returned Azumanga Daioh and Blackadder to Kale, who then kindly loaned me the full sets of Gasaraki and Tenchi Universe. I may not bother doing any rentals this coming week as a result.

Blood Red Skies is progressing; I'm up to 50 pages, even if a dozen of those are just chapter headings with a paragraph of plot summary or a change summary. I also have some material I need to slot into various chapters, and some more ideas that need to be developed into parts of chapters.

So things are moving forward here and there.

Food for thought

Avery Tooley talks about getting busy - not so much the act itself but the whys and wherefores behind it and why, as a friend of his once asked, Why is everything a means to an end? Why does everything have to get you some booty?

My gut reaction is that we do because we're wired that way. Our genes want to make sure they're around for another 20-40 years, so they push us into relationships and marriages and all that. Thing is, people are more than just the meat wrapped around the bones, and that extra something is looking for a connection too. The mind and the soul want a connection just as bad as the meat, and if all you're getting is the sensation in the meat, there's something missing. I'm not doing him justice - go read the whole thing.