November 10th, 2004



Today's almost like Friday for me, since I have tomorrow off for Veterans' Day (that's Remembrance Day to those of you in the Old Country, which seems like a more appropriate name to me) and it couldn't come at a better time. While taking the train in on Monday and Tuesday and busing to class saves me a lot in parking, it eats a lot of time and so I was pretty thoroughly ragged out by the time I got home last night. Watched the last two episodes of DNA Squared: Mutation since I wasn't in the mood for either Please Teacher or Saikano before falling asleep and had some weird dreams as a result.

The priorities for this evening will be getting the Room Party Kit's hard drive back to stuckintraffik and getting the CDs that were auctioned off over the weekend into the mail. Laundry can wait until tomorrow.
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"Well, I've never been to Spain..."

"...but I've been to Pensacola." Okay, I'm done butchering songs by Three Dog Night. This post at Vodkapundit got me to thinking about where I've been and the traveling I've done. I still have some places on the list, believe me.

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I'm doing this partially to illustrate a point: Southerners, and red state denizens in general, are a lot more aware of how things are in Europe and the rest of the world because we've actually been there and seen them. This is a result of the large overseas military deployments, which have sent hundreds of thousands of Southerners and others to Asia, Europe and Central America along with their dependents...and those who didn't go themselves often had family or neighbors who did. Something to think about the next time somebody remarks on what an ignorant, insular bunch of yokels Bush voters are.