November 9th, 2004



Since I had taken the train in to work, I caught the #27 to class and wound up being late because of all the coeds buying snackage at the bookstore. Adding to my grumpiness, the bookstore (an arm of B&N, but not one that honors my discount card) charged me $16 and change for a text I could have gotten for $12 off The class ran just late enough so that I missed the #27 going to the Lake Street station, so I wound up taking the #5 downtown to Nicollet Mall and the #17 to the rail line for the long ride out to Fort Snelling and the subsequent hike out to the boonies where I'd parked the Kia. If nothing else, starting class will get me more exercise what with all the walking between bus stops, parking spaces, etc., which is all good. Anyway, got home fairly late and discovered that I'd managed to lose my door keycard sometime over the weekend. Bah! Good thing I won't really need it until tomorrow night, at which time I can stop by the office and pick a new one up - the old one was falling apart anyway.

Watched the Mahoromatic Summer Special before falling asleep last night. It's basically a one-off episode revolving around Mahoro, Misawa Shikijo-sensei and the girls mounting a search & destroy mission for Suguru's collection of hentai books and magazines. It's silly fun with just a dash of seriousness.

This morning has been very strange. Woke up, checked the blood sugar, nuked a mug of tea, got ready for work and was out the door around 7:20...had plenty of time to grab a McBreakfast on the way to the train station. I slept well and feel rested, but I feel detached somehow, not really here.