November 2nd, 2004


There's a revolution calling

I went in and voted this morning before going to work, which made me half an hour late, but it's excused by law, so no worries. I also gave Melody a lift to the polls and back along with a briefing on how to fill out the ballot (she blew off the primaries) and other procedural stuff. She also explained to me why she wasn't voting for the President, and although I think her premises are screwed, at least I know she put some thought into it and isn't just parroting a bunch of BS she heard somewhere else.

As for the rest of you, in the unlikely event that you haven't made your minds up yet...
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Go vote. Remember 9/11, but think about the candidates and where they stand on the important issue. Remember that after establishing justice and insuring domestic tranquility, the Constitution tasks the government to "provide for the common defence." Choose wisely, not just for yourself but for all your countrymen.

Back to school

What with all the election hoopla, I almost forgot to mention that I started the fall term last night. I've got Special Methods: Social Studies on Mondays from now through December 13 and Middle School Ed from tonight through December 14. Well, I would have if I wasn't partying tonight. #^_^# Aside from that bout of politically-inspired hooky and missing last week's Methods class through sheer stupidity, I've resolved to not miss any sessions this term and to get my act together so that I don't have work left over after the term is over.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the guarantor and the school to finish processing my student loan paperwork so I can buy books and pay a few outstanding bills. I also need to ask the school why one of my two-credit classes costs twice as much as the other one. Something not quite right there.

The day started out drizzly and crappy but the sun has burned through occasionally. It'll be nice if it comes out to stay.