October 16th, 2004


And a good time was had by all

So I drove downtown yesterday, figuring that if I was lucky I could make it out to Consume, drop off the cooler and DVD I'd promised to loan Rick, and make it back to Robbinsdale in time to hit the Cub before showing up at cajones birthday party with the necessary Diet Coke & Diet Rite. Luck was with me. I managed to make all the stops and show up only five minutes late. qob was there, as were a couple of folks I'd seen around before but not enough to know their names or LJ handles.

It was a good party. Many people came & went, kittens were admired, and there was a ton of good conversation about movies and comics and haunted houses and all kinds of geeky goodness. Things kind of dribbled to a conclusion about 2 AM; I managed to pick up essential groceries, get home long about 3 AM, and into bed by 4. Oy.

More grocery shopping and throwing stuff on eBay today before heading back to the relaxicon to actually relax.