October 15th, 2004


The Reasons Why

This won't change the minds of anyone on my friends list. It didn't change mine, since I was already going to vote for W and against Kerry for family reasons which I've already made clear to several people. If I hadn't had two uncles in Vietnam, though, Hanson's essay summarizes brilliantly why I would be voting to re-elect the President.

Never mind the tax cuts. Forget the business issues and immigration, on which I have bones to pick with the President. Flush the domestic issues one and all. We are at war, and the only question that matters is which candidate will do a better job of doing unto our Islamofascist enemies as FDR & Truman did unto the Japanese and the Nazis. Maybe you don't believe that. Maybe you think this is all some nefarious conspiracy masterminded by Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. If that's the case, STFU about politics when you talk to me, because we have a complete lack of common ground to start from.