October 12th, 2004


Cleaning up afterward

It's almost not worth having Columbus Day off. First, since it's not a holiday for the rest of the Evil Banking Neighbor, I get screwed out of a day's PTO, and second, since it's not a holiday for the rest of the Evil Banking Neighbor, I have all of yesterday's work to take care of on top of today's, with a side order of "I e-mailed you yesterday..." to go with it.

The Twins got knocked out of the playoffs by the Yankees, partially due to Gardenhire's ineptitude and partially because the bullpen sucks. We can chalk that up to Gardenhire too, I suppose, since the bullpen was a traditional strong point of the Twins under Tom Kelly - even if everything else on the team stunk, the bullpen was consistently good, because it really isn't all that hard to find five guys who can pitch well for an inning or two, and TK was good at finding them. Well, at least the Red Sox and the Astros are still in it; the big question is whether the 'Stros can beat the Cardinals, and considering that they won 10 of 18 games (with two series sweeps) off them in the regular season, there's a good chance that the Astros will bring home a pennant for the first time in their history.

Well, enough about that. Time to earn my salary.
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More joy

phoenixalpha called to let me know that it's time again for our annual apartment inspection. Yippee. This time I'll remember to keep the laptop off the floor so I don't step on it while cleaning. Fortunately, the apartment isn't as disorderly and messy as it was last year, thanks partly to Scott being on Melody's case about getting her room and the kitchen squared away. They're going to tidy up the rest of the apartment while I concentrate on my room and its attached bathroom; not such a big deal. I basically have to pick things up and stash them in storage boxes, hang up clothes, throw out some trash and vacuum, which shouldn't take too long.

Still, it's a pain in the butt.