October 7th, 2004


It's 1936 all over again...

...for Spanish Socialist PM Zapatero, apparently. I thought Serena Powers was mistaken when she mentioned this over the weekend, but apparently not. I can understand eliminating the tax preference for the Catholic Church if you were honest about wanting to make Spain a secular state, but doing it while adding subsidies for Islam? That's just suicidal. The Socialists don't have that big a majority in the Cortes, and this could be the issue that makes that majority go poof.

Via the Merciful, the Compassionate One.
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Vehicular and financial suckiness

The Sportage has been screeching at me for about a week now, so I took it in to Bloomington Kia this morning. The verdict was that the front brakes were pretty much gone, and that replacing them would run me about $350. Which is money I don't have at the moment, so I'm taking it in to Midas tomorrow morning for a second opinion.

This couldn't have come at a worse time. Because I waited so long to register for fall classes, I probably won't get the remains of my student loan until next month, and the money that Mom owes me from back in July probably won't be here until then either. She's waiting to close on the refinancing of the old house, and is legendarily slow about getting to the mailbox. I suppose the only thing to do is keep juggling the bills and hope for a lucky strike or six on eBay, where I finally managed to put some things up last night.
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A textbook case...

...of "Dishes It Out But Can't Take It" syndrome. Names have been changed to avoid further embarrassment of the guilty.

This all started late last month. An acquaintance of mine in Canada mailed a bunch of his "regulars", as he does every so often on matters political and social (movies & anime), asking what we thought of a URL that was showing a video claiming that the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon was a hoax, and pointing out several pieces of "evidence" supporting this view. Astute readers will have already noticed the similarity to the book by Thierry Meyssan. One of the other Canadians on the list posted the link to the "Hunt the Boeing!" essay on snopes.com, and that's where the fun started.
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Gee, one less person to like me in the world. Somehow I think I'll live.