October 5th, 2004


Fumbling for understanding

Jin-Roh has been one of my favorite anime movies since I first saw it at the Twin Cities Animation Festival in 2000. It is also one of the most disturbing and wrenching examples of anime I have ever seen, and the impact of its final scene is as emotionally shattering as the lethal, rending flight of the bullets streaming from the MG42 machine guns of the Special Unit's armored troopers.

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The press, the blogosphere, and the "war" between them

Jay Rosen has an interesting essay on the conflict between bloggers and the mainstream media, keying off a signed editorial by Chris Satullo, editorial page editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer. RTWT, as well as Satullo's original piece and Rosen's earlier essay on Nick Coleman's intemperate blast at bloggers. Oh, yes, skim through the comments. I'll wait until you get back.
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Well, I know what I think, but what's y'all's opinion?

Breathing space

Fortunately neither of the classes I'm taking at St. Mary's start until the 26th, which is a really good thing since the month is chock-full of conventions and AD meetings and Diversicon/Arcana meetings, and somewhere in the middle of all that I need to get caught up on my sleep, get some stuff up on eBay like my old Jin-Roh DVD which is now surplus, and do laundry.

My fantasy baseball team finished third, mostly on the strength of pitching and stolen bases. This is really ironic since that's 180 degrees removed from the kind of team I actually like and would actually build if I was Carl Pohlad, but I'll take a third-place finish any way I can get it. I'll probably post the stats on my homepage when I get around to mangling the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet and making them look purty. I must be getting better at this; this is, IIRC, the second, maybe third year in a row that I've finished in the money. Makes me wonder how I'd do in a real pay-for-play league.

No, I'm not listening to the VP debate. I'm listening to the Twins, but not for much longer: they're ahead 2-0, I'm tired, and I have faith in the fielders, if not the bullpen. Hopefully Santana can get through eight innings and hand off that two-run lead to Joe Nathan...better yet, maybe the Twinks will rack up a few more runs.