October 2nd, 2004


Arcana, day 1

Began late for phoenixalpha and I since we were waiting for the cable guy to perform his arcane rituals and open up the Path of Broadband, which he did around 2 PM. We then hit Sam's Club for the bulk of the Arcana hospitality suite supplies, and muddled our way backwards through the rush hour up to the Holiday Inn Express at Bandana Square. Eric pointed us at the Hospitality Suite and we proceeded to offload all the pop and munchies, after which we laid out the snacks and iced down the pop in the tub. phoenixalpha found wireless and began catching up on e-mail, Slashdot, and other essentials fo her online life while I went out and mingled.

Around six the guys from OdysseyCon showed up and began decorating the room, setting up a coffee machine, a boombox and a bar, and since they seemed to have things well in hand we decamped at 9 PM to head home, grab shoes for phoenixalpha since it's getting a tad cold for sandals, and do a late dinner at Wendy's en route. We also wound up acquiring a copy of Bubba Ho-Tep, which may be the Dead Dog Movie Feature on Sunday.

This morning we need to get up, get in for the 10 AM panel on Horror in Rock (alas, it shall be Root-less) and do a quick inventory of ice & snackage so we can replenish it if needed before the Horror in Anime panel at 1. Unless Sybil slept over and took care of it already.

Cable broadband is scarily quick compared to DSL .
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