September 26th, 2004


Day 6 of hideous lung gookiness

I probably shouldn't have gone out at all yesterday, but I was feeling a little bit better and wanted to spend time being social; besides, phoenixalpha wanted to get some schoolwork done and our DSL connection was down thanks to those thumbfingered incompetent jerks at Qwest. So she packed up her laptop and we headed over to stuckintraffik's place, where we hung out for a while talking about AD (very little), AMVs (a lot) Imperium (some) and then went out to Best Buy en route to dinner at the New Century.

Which reminds me that I I'm going to need to start carrying around a granola bar or something, since my blood sugar crash-dived from 200 at 11 AM to the shaky & sweaty range in less than six hours, which meant that I dropped Melody off and hit the drive-through at McDonald's for a real Coke. I'd forgotten how damn sweet those things are after all these years of drinking the diet version; it was almost like drinking pancake syrup. Halfway through that I started feeling better, so phoenixalpha and I went over to the New Century for dinner with stuckintraffik, Josh and Lauren, which wrapped up a couple of hours later after several attempts to flag down the waiter. (In his defense, it was Saturday Night at the Seafood Buffet, and he was insanely busy.) I was feeling drained, so instead of going back up to stuckintraffik's we just went home where I fell into bed but not to sleep until 3 AM.

Today I suppose I should make my way to the Diversicon meeting. I have a couple of things to say about programming in general and the anime track in particular, but I'm not going to stay long. There is shopping to be done and I don't feel up to a full afternoon of meetings and shopping.