September 24th, 2004


"Sick, lame, and lazy, fall out!"

Still unwell this morning but feeling somewhat better than yesterday. I don't think all the soup I had for lunch at Eddington's yesterday helped much; if anything, it may have aggravated matters by jacking up my blood sugar. Went to bed early last night again after a very light dinenr of sandwiches and salad and a minimum of time on the internet.

My registration for the fall term st St. Mary's is in; I have one class starting next week and another that starts in November, and hopefully I can do a better job with these than I did on my summer classes. The two classes I took in the second half of the sumemr term are still marked as "Incomplete" instead of "No Credit", so maybe I still have a shot at wrapping those up and getting at least a passing grade.

I haven't had a whole lot to say about politics of late. joel_rosenberg has been gleefully ripping into the daily disaster that Kerry's campaign has become, as has Mitch Berg, and they're doing a better job of it than I have the time for. I'll probably limit myself to getting a "W '04" sticker for the Sportage.

No real plans for this weekend. I told Josh that I was thinking of dropping by Kale's tomorrow afternoon since he was planning on visiting there, but that depends on how I'm feeling Saturday morning. There's laundry to be done, pots and pans to be cleaned, and my room could use some tidying up as well. We'll see what happens.