September 16th, 2004


Pre-convention recon

It's a slow morning here at the Evil Banking Neighbor, so I've taken some time and probed Yahoo! to find restaurants and banks close to the Hotel Fort Des Moines and the Anime Detour crash pad at the Motel 6 out by the airport (a whole ten minutes' drive from the HFDM). I'm going to take some additional time tonight and call those restaurants for hours and price ranges. By the time I'm done we should have a useful guide to downtown Des Moines.

Nostalgia of diversion

No, not the song from Shojo Kakumei Utena. I was thinking about baseball, more specifically independent minor league baseball. It's been three years since I threw in the towel on the Rebel Baseball Review, the e-mail newsletter that I and a small band of volunteer correspondents had been putting together since 1995. I do miss the RBR somewhat, even though it was a lot of work putting all the team and player stats together for each issue during the season. It pretty much ate my weekends every summer for five years, which is one of the reasons I'm not too tempted to pick up the load again. (Drivel about baseball follows.)

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Cascade effects

Good news: Lost two pounds over the last couple of weeks.

Bad news: Having unloaded my pockets before I went to weigh in and eat lunch, I left my knife, comb and truck key in my desk when I went home and didn't realize I'd forgotten all that stuff until I got out to the truck (which of course was parked at the Fort Snelling station in the lot out past the orbit of Neptune), reached into my pocket, and whimpered because my pocket was empty of keys. Suckimus Maximus.

So I walked back to the station, climbed on board the LRT and rode back downtown, retrieved keys and stuff, got back on the LRT, and went to dinner since it was after 8 PM by the time I got done with all the back and forth. That pretty much shot the night in the ass, so I'm just going to check mail and go to bed. I can pack in the morning.
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