September 9th, 2004


Off to a running start

Hmmm. Network problems are making it impossible to get into any of the mainframe systems on which I do 80% of my work, so it looks like another unpleasantly slow day at the Evil Banking Neighbor.

Went clothes-shopping with phoenixalpha last night at the Sprawl, since she was unhappy with the selection of "intimates" at Wal-Mart. Much snarkiness ensued; underwear shopping with one's daughter can either be pure hell or a fountain of amusement, depending on one's attitude, and I prefer the amusement. There were plenty of things that fit at Sears, but it was all the wrong style or color or both, so it was off to Victoria's Secret - which was not yet open, although both stores (!) were clearly marked on the Sprawl's maps. Sneering and mockery followed. This meant a further trudge around the perimeter to Lane Bryant, where at last the appropriately styled pilings, cables, and other devices for lifting and squishing together (thank you, chibitoaster for spotting the mistake there) were found and purchased at what I am told were exorbitant prices. No doubt the new boyfriend will be pleased, provided he isn't struck blind by the grand vistas displayed before him.

Came home, went to bed and finished Philip Jose Farmer's A Barnstormer in Oz, which is an odd blend of the L. Frank Baum fantasies and Farmer's own obsessions, and thus an interesting read.
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What, the AWOL story again?

I noticed the revived "Bush was AWOL from the National Guard" story in today's FishWrapper of the Twin Cities, which I found on the bus this morning. (I'll read it occasionally, I just won't buy it.) Apparently the local newshounds couldn't be bothered to do their own research on the story, instead running a New York Times piece on the "controversy", since, after all, we know what an objective, unbiased and solid bunch of reporters they have at the former newspaper of record. *cough*Jayson Blair*cough*Paul Krugman*cough*Nick Kristof*cough...Jesus, hand me a cough drop, somebody.

As a sometime member of the National Guard and Reserve (which runs on a similar system) I was tempted to comment on this asinine story, which five minutes on the phone with an actual Vietnam-era ANG pilot would have spiked, but I see Mitch Berg and the Blogfather are already on the case.

You have to get up awful early in the morning to beat those guys to the punch.