September 7th, 2004


We now return you to your normal programming

That was cathartic. I'm still depressed, but I don't feel quite as God-awful unhappy and miserable as I did before I started writing.

The day hasn't completely sucked, in spite of the inglorious burden I've saddled myself with. I got all the CDs I needed to ship together yesterday, stuffed them into envelopes, and addressed the envelopes; today I pulled the overseas sales out, stripped off the jewel boxes, and finished prepping all the packages for mailing...which I did over my lunch break. Lunch was capped off with a visit to B&N, which had Steven Barnes' Zulu Heart in paperback, and a stop at Subway for the food portion of lunch.

Also managed to get the bulk of my laundry done yesterday and burned a U2 mix CD from their first "Best Of" collection as well as Zooropa and Achtung Baby. Next, I want to tackle a metal compilation, since I have far too many metal CDs with only one or two decent songs.

Drove in to work today since I need to go drop off my completed twelve-page apazine at Jeanne & John's and visit the ex after that. Fortunately, the leg doesn't hurt too much today.
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