September 5th, 2004


knit together by shards of steel

Reflecting on how I've written most of the fanfic I've done for Space:Above and Beyond and Revolutionary Girl Utena, it occurs to me that what I've done - more obviously in some cases than others - is write what some people call songfics. You hear a song, and you get a vision in your head that's sort of like a music video. The characters are probably not singing the song (that would be too cheesy for words) but the music sets the tone for the scene and puts you in the mood.

I heard some Breaking Benjamin on the way home last night. Scott is a big fan of theirs and when he slotted in their second album, "So Cold" started playing and the rush of emotion was almost too much. I wanted to pull over and start scribbling in the Palm Pilot for fear that I'd lose the moment, lose that scene forever. No worries. I found the band site this afternoon, pulled up the lyrics and WHAM. It's wired in now.

I needed that.

Crashed relatively early last night - thought at first I'd just laze around, play C2P2 on the laptop, and wait for the Root of All Evil to come on, but the dance music on Simply Butter made me fall right over and sleep until 1 PM today. Which was all right - I needed the rest, and I have all day tomorrow to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

So I got up and cleaned out the kitchen sink, emptied, refilled and ran the dishwasher, fried up the pork chops that had been sitting in the fridge defrosting since Thursday, and threw out some of the garbage that had been laying around on the kitchen table. I also triaged the stuff from the State Fair, unearthing the two coffee mugs and potholder as well as a couple of coupons I probably won't use, but we'll see. After lunch I attacked the pile of stuff over by the bookshelf and extracted the last box of Dad's CDs from the Big Box O' Stuff. This box ought to keep me busy for a while; Carlos packed one of those Rubbermaid storage crates full of CDs, and it looks like there's a bout a hundred of them. Whoa.

On the agenda for the rest of the day: picking up some envelopes at WalMart so I can ship out CDs that I should have shipped earlier this week, throwing out bags of garbage from my room, the living room, and the Kia, putting some more CDs up on eBay, and going to bed early. The leg feels a lot better after thirteen hours of sleep, especially after I unwrapped it from the Ace bandage last night, and I think some more of the same is definitely in order.
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Cool. ^_^
Gacked from michaellee.

And here I am in the Beer Garden...

...with the rest of the local bloggers. Mitch had already left, but from left to right, David Strom and Margaret Martin of Our House, one of the Fraters Libertas (the Atomizer, maybe?), King Bananian of SCSU Scholars, yours truly looming in the background, some fellow whose name I didn't get, Saint Paul from Power Line, Jo (the blonde in front) from Jo's Attic, another u/i blogger, John Hinderaker (Hindrocket) from Power Line, Captain Ed (with the Steelers cap), unknown.

Thanks to Jo for hosting the pic and a hat tip to Mitch, who mentioned it even though he'd left already when the picture was taken.

So much for going to bed early.

It turned out to be raining like mad when I finally got around to grabbing all the trash and going shopping; between that & stopping to grab a Whopper & rings at the BK (hey, I had the Diet Coke, okay?) I missed the closing time at Sam's Club by twenty minutes. Eh, no hummus tonight. So I went to Wal-Mart, got the envelopes and the light mayo and a copy of The Passion of the Christ. Not watching that before bedtime, no, sir.

I suppose I should have gone home at that point, but I wanted to take a look at Discland and Cheapo to see what they had in the way of traditional jazz that I could buy up and resell on eBay. The answer is not much, at least not if you're looking for the more obscure stuff found on the Audiophile, Jazzology, GHB or Stomp Off labels; both stores' jazz selections tend to run more to the modern "smooth jazz" stuff you can hear on 100.3 FM in these parts. The prices aren't all that great either, and I'm not sure how many of the CDs I do find will sell at a price of $6.99-$7.99

Of course I wound up buying music for myself - some U2, Butthole Surfers, Velvet Revolver, Ted Nugent, and one jazz CD by saxophonist Candy Dulfer.

Currently reading: "The Heroic Myth of Lieutenant Nora Argamentine", by Donald Kingsbury from Man-Kzin Wars VI.
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