August 24th, 2004


Bagels = Death

I swear, I am going to write this on a Post-It Note and stick it to my bathroom mirror where I'll see it every morning before work. Every time I stop at Bruegger's and grab a couple of bagels for breakfast, my blood sugar gets hosed up for the entire day, and I need that like a fresh new hole in my head. Case in point: yesterday I grabbed the sausage, egg & cheddar on garlic and a cream cheese on pumpernickel. (Fresh from the oven, wanna talk food porn, bubeleh? I got some steamy softcore right here.) I didn't go to lunch until 1 PM, and my blood sugar had still surged from 127 to 210. Two chili dogs, four hours and a quart of Diet Coke later, it was up again to 227. No, bagels are the evil, and I'll have to bid them adieu. I don't mind being stuck with needles, but I want to put off dealing with the insulin as long as possible. Half an hour after the cremation ought to be about right.

Heroes Don't Shout

Ralph Peters hits the nail on the head, at least in my case. I've known a dozen Vietnam veterans in my sixteen years of service, and none of them tooted their own horn. Period. You couldn't even get most of them to talk about it at all, and the ones who did talk about it stuck to generalities about where they were and when. The only two vets I know who have talked about it near as much as Kerry are a couple of SF writers (David Drake and Joe Haldeman, in case you're wondering) and even then they talk about the war mostly in the context of its effect on their writing. Neither of them has ever, to my knowledge, even mentioned any decorations they might have earned over there.

I have avoided blogging about this, since we all know that a lot of our LJ friends are voting the ABB ticket and are past the point where you can have a reasonable discussion on the merits of the two major candidates. (You could probably still have one about Nader.) For me, whatever my reservations about the President in other areas, there was no way I would ever vote for John F. Kerry any more than I would for Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, or any of the other people who slimed my uncles as baby-killers and worse for their service in Vietnam.

As a matter of fact, Vietnam is the main reason I've never voted for a Democrat for any federal office. I cannot and will not support a party whose official position is that the war against Communism wasn't worth fighting and shouldn't have been fought.My entire immediate family - father, mother, and little brother - served in the Cold War, as I did, and since my Uncle Joe and Uncle Dan were both on the firing line, I take that platform plank very personally.

It's not much different from their position on the War on Terror. come to think of it. Sure, there are some Democrats who think otherwise, but Joe Lieberman doesn't live in Minnesota, and I doubt you'd find a DFLer outside the Iron Range who'd admit to having W's back on this.

Sure, there are the other social and economic issues to consider, but I don't see a lot of Democrats on my side there either. The bottom line for me is personal, though. Check out Peters' column. RTWT.

(Tip of the Wombat's helmet to Outside the Beltway.)