August 19th, 2004


Just another milblogger...

Jeff Quinton of Backcountry Conservative is compiling a list of bloggers who served in the military, by way of comparison to another table showing which political and media figures did time in the service and when.

My own service is lengthy but not all that remarkable.
1979-82 U.S. Army, EW/SIGINT Voice Interceptor (Russian/German) and armorer with the 331st ASA Company in West Germany.
1983 Supply sergeant and infantry fire team leader, C-1/115 Infantry (Maryland Army National Guard)
1984-1994 EW/SIGINT Voice Interceptor (Russian/German/Spanish) with ECM qualifier with the 523rd ASA Company, which became A/147th MI Battalion, later A/134th MI Battalion, all three units USAR.

I also spent trivial amounts of time (2 drills) with the 5th Psyops Company and the 99th ASA Company (USAR) and was assigned to the 340th ASA Company/11th ACR but was reassigned to the 331st since the 340th was overstrength when I showed up.

Via Michelle Malkin's blog

An ordinary Thursday w/side order of sausage

Didn't get any of the eBayage done last night that I was planning on, mostly because I was messing around with installing the new version of Netscrape, and partially because I was tired after driving home and doing grocery shopping en route. Originally I was just going to pick up some yogurt and some cold cuts, but I also picked up some other stuff beacuse the price was right. It's funny that even though I'm no longer shopping for the whole family, I still have to stop myself from buying perishables in large quantities. I mean, we have wasted so many bags of potatoes around here that I'm just not going to buy them by the bag any more. What's the point? By the time I get around to throwing out what's left of an eight-pound bag of russets, I might as well have spent the same amount of money on a half-dozen baking spuds, because the amount of starchy tubery goodness going into the old piehole is pretty much the same.

Anyway, after hauling the groceries upstairs (good thing this place has an elevator) I kicked back and took care of e-mail, browsed a few blogs, and ordered some new mailing labels. I also looked in vain for some software to draw Traveller subsectors online with and got caught up on That pretty much put paid to the evening, so I fed the cat, ate the bedtime yogurt, and crashed after failing to get the Beatallica MP3s to play on Cowzilla.

This morning I slept in until 0630 but still managed to catch the bus by dint of avoiding the computer. Napped a little more on the bus, got off at 9th Street, picked up the rest of my Actos at Walgreen's and ate an undistinguished breakfast at the Heartland Cafe. Located in the Medical Arts Building right across from Izzy's ice Cream, the Heartland is the kind of solid, mediocre breakfast & lunch joint that used to be all over downtown but now only exists in a few old office buildings, since the rest of them have either become some other kind of restaurant or gone out of business.

I arrived at work five minutes late, but it's not like there's any pressing matters to attend to today. Two meetings will help break the monotony, and at this point I don't much care if they can me for surfing during working hours. Give me some f***ing work, or give me Net!

Code of the Bloggervilles

My blogger code: B2 d- t- k s-- u-- f i- o+ x+ e- l c+ (decode it!)

I haven't egoscanned Google in a while, but I notice that besides the folk musician, Buddhism professor, and sports info director at Arkansas, there is now an actor, best known for his role in Hellboy.

Oddly enough, my name pops up first on the Pink Pistols website. The stench of politics lingers long after the money is gone...