August 13th, 2004


Whip it good!

phoenixalpha and I managed to get all the pop and snackage for the Diversicon consuite loaded into the Sportage last night without too much trouble, but unfortunately couldn't get into the storage area to remove the T-shirts since I'd misplaced the keys. Good thing I'm taking a half-day off, since I'll have to get hold of the apartment manager so she can let us into our own storage area. tokenfanboy will also be coming by to help shift the stuff for the Anime Detour room party, which will be getting underway at 9 PM unless stuckintraffik decides to fire up the Room Party Kit earlier. In any case, she and I dropped all the stuff off at the hotel this morning on our way downtown.

I also called and arranged for an LCD projector to be on hand this weekend so that we can show anime in the Nokomis Room Saturday night while the room party is going, since I'm pretty sure Don asked me if we had that covered, and as far as I know ATC only has one LCD projector of its own. So, everything's on track for today, and I only have 2.5 more hours in the trenches here before I'm free! Yes, FREE! Gone for the weekend! w00t!

Mad as hell, and rightfully so

There are conservative blacks out there, and some of them are serious dogs of war. People seem to have assumed that blacks were the sole political property of the Democratic Party, just as they assume that all evangelical Christians are 0wnz3d by the Republicans. What they ignore is the long history of social conservatism in black America, and the fact that not so long ago in historical terms, the shoe was on the other foot: blacks voted in overwhelming numbers for the party of Abraham Lincoln. Which explains why ALL of your segregationist politicians were Democrats and why ex-Klan Kleagle Robert Byrd is a Democrat.

Times are changing. Prominent blacks like Bill Cosby and Carl Eller are calling the black "leadership" to account for the long decades spent kowtowing to the Democratic Party and its welfare state policies, and a lot of less prominent blacks in the middle class are starting to think that maybe they ought to find some other variable to stick into the political and social equation.

And that's a good thing. I don't care so much whether blacks vote Republican or Democrat, but I do think it's a bad thing that the long debate between WEB DuBois and Booker T. Washington (continued by Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X in the 1960s) has been dormant for so long. It's good to see that people are starting to talk about it again, and maybe they'll come up with some new positions and perspectives on the debate.