August 10th, 2004


Today's forecast: Boredom

Once again, New Guy Alex gets to hog the upload files, which means I may do about 15 minutes of productive work today in between long bouts of trying to look busy, interspersed with trips to the can, lunch, and extended breaks. The weather is still unseasonably cool, my knee still hurts like hell, and I missed the bus this morning. Just another day in the Fourth Circle of Hell.

Most of last night was spent making pasta for myself and putting the Diversicon schedule into an Excel spreadsheet so I could send it to revolutionaryjo, who is pinch-hitting for Anne Waltz on the anime panels this year. Then I came to my senses and realized it would make more sense to just post the damn thing on my personal website and then post the links on the mnsf and animedetour LiveJournal sites as well as in the Anime Detour forums. So I did.