August 9th, 2004


Short week

Spent the afternoon yesterday at the Diversicon meeting. Pre-registrations are up to 85, which is encouraging, but only 6 rooms got booked, which led to the hotel trying to pull a fast one with the function space in the short term and the committee talking about finding other space for next year in the long term. Much discussion of hotel issues, but the bottom line is that Diversicon (like Arcana) has always been too small to do more than just pay for the function space and give its handful of ootie/partying members a price break on the room. Diversicon is changing slowly - it used to be mainly a sercon literary/film-oriented convention, but it has been expanding somewhat into anime and filk the last couple of years so that it resembles a smaller version of Minicon. There's talk about three-four room parties at Diversicon this year, which will be something not seen for a few years, and this could be a sign that things are on the upswing.

After the meeting I took the console boxes down to the storage area and dropped the back seats in the Kia. Too bad they don't lay flat, but you can't have'll make loading everything out for Diversicon easier, if nothing else. After that, I picked up some groceries at Sam's Club and headed home, where I poked around online looking for Traveller stuff and then burned a 100% Canadian Content CD (my first remix CD) before turning in.

I'm thinking Friday is going to be a pain in the butt. I have ten cases of soda, a refrigerator, and a couple large boxes of T-shirts that I need to lug over to the hotel (and that's not even talking about the AD room party stuff or personal gear), so Melody better get her butt home from the farm by Thursday night. I don't fancy trying to do all this by myself, even with a big bottle of ibuprofen on hand. Meanwhile, New Guy Alex is in FOCUS training today, so I'll actually have something to do today. Time to get up and get rolling.

Chairman of the bored

It has been excruciatingly slow this morning at work, and something (probably the air pressure) is making my left knee hurt like hell.

I had been picking away at an extended essay on the various things that have gone into making me the diehard blue-shirt Republican that I am, but I finally decided just to spike the damn thing. Too much of it is personal stuff relating to my family, and besides, I have come to believe that it doesn't really matter what I say on the subject. Most of the people on my friends list aren't going to be swayed by what I have to say, and I don't think it will really do that much to help them understand me because our backgrounds are just too different.

And that's okay. We can get along just fine talking about comics and horror and SF and movies, and just stay off the political subjects. We're not talking about complete howling moonbats, after all.