August 8th, 2004


Adrenaline, burgers, and gyros

Yesterday did not start well - the alarm clock went off at 0900, which was what it was supposed to do, but I rolled over and went back to sleep until 1250, which is NOT what I was supposed to do since the Anime Detour meeting was scheduled for 1 PM. I rolled out of bed, did the blood test and meds and raced out to grab some lunch at the Valley West McDonald's, only to discover that my wallet had fallen out of my jeans. Back to the apartment, then directly to MCAD, where the meeting started late since nobody had taken charge in my absence. Like the previous meeting, it was a small group of people in a sizable auditorium; we were graced with the presence of some of our St. Cloud contingent (Jayson and angeljuliet) and about a half-dozen other folks. danae brought a chocolate chocolate chip chocolate loaf which pegged my glucose five hours after I ate two slices, Rick brought a sliced ham he'd snagged for some ridiculously low price, so there was some serious munching going on after the meeting, which was mainly a discussion of the hotel situation (we expect to have the contract by Diversicon weekend) and brief updates from Joella (consuite), Jayson & Aaron (videos), Julio (games), Alan (signage), Melody (publicity), Jacqueline (registration) and myself (finance). Meeting was over a little before 3; Julio and I loaded the console boxes into the Kia from his Escort, and I'm going to run those down to the storage locker today so they're not clogging up the back of the truck.

After the meeting I went over to Kale's to brief him on what happened at the meeting, talk about politics, watch an episode of The Family Guy, which I'd never seen before, and talk about books. Took off from there around 7 since I needed to go home, download & print tickets for the Inu-Yasha movie sneak preview, shower, and get my butt up to the theater to meet Karl, Joella, and Melody. All this was accomplished, except when I got there, there was no Karl in front of the theater and a nagging message at 2130 asking when I was going to be there. I was pretty surprised to find no line for the show when I got inside, but soon realized it was because they'd all showed up early and packed the joint. If Melody hadn't saved me a seat I wouldn't have gotten in. It was that full.

Movie itself was very good - I haven't seen any of the episodes on the Cartoon Network or read the manga (I want to finish Ranma 1/2 first) so my only prior exposure to the series has been through the PS2 fighting game that I saw last year at Anime Iowa and a brief perusal of a fan website. Still, the dubbing was good and the plot very enjoyable. Plus, there was a funny omake after the credits and a trailer for the second movie, which apparently Viz is planning on releasing, much to the fangirls' delight.

After the movie, Jacqueline mentioned that it was her birthday, so I offered to buy her a drink. After considering the Brass Rail, she decided on Stub & Herb's, so we went down there, closed the bar (I was drinking Diet Coke) and then went over to the Steak Knife in Dinkytown, which is open until 3 on Saturdays; I also subjected her to the Root of All Evil, which was featuring a ridiculous interview with Reverend Poky Bunge, a tard-core local band which is sillier than I can possibly describe.

Got home around 4 AM, fed the whiny cat, went to bed and slept 'til 1130. Life. It doesn't suck.