August 5th, 2004


What do you mean, it's Thursday?

Accomplished absolutely nothing useful last night except for triaging the mail, eating dinner, and starting the apazine for September's collation. Ran out of energy while doing that and crashed early, waking up at 0600 when the alarm went off.

In the "Fuck with the bull, get the horn" department, apparently a bunch of people who served with John Kerry in Vietnam aren't too excited by the idea of him being President. From Instapundit.

Also from Professor Death: Life imitates Allahpundit.

And speaking of the Creator of Worlds... (The 3:45 post at the bottom of the page.)

That's enough cheap yuks for one morning. Time to clean up and shuffle off to catch the bus.

(EDIT 10/19/06) Links to the archived website of the Beneficent, the Merciful One updated.

No, really?

The center column of the Wall Street Journal is reserved for unusual stories about unusual people, odd fashions and trends, and other news that doesn't really fit into the usual business and politics news beat of the WSJ. Today's story is on how college Japanese programs are no longer so much the domain of business students as they are the land of...the otaku. No link; you gotta pay to subscribe to the online paper, and I'm too cheap.
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