August 3rd, 2004

Boss Coffee

Peanut butter and scones are not my friends.

Went to bed early last night and got caught up on sleep in spite of waking up at 0100 ravenously hungry. It was still pretty hot in the apartment, so I had a peanut butter sandwich and went back to bed. Woke up with a blood sugar reading in the 200+ range. As for the sconage, I had gotten into the habit of noshing on a krispy bar with my large iced coffee in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the Dunn Brothers in 6 Quebec has taken to mixing M&M's into their rice krispies of late, so yesterday I went with what looked like a plain cinnamon scone. Apparently it was loaded with sugar, since the dinnertime glucose reading was also in the red. Damn.

Today I have an interview with Accountemps over lunch. I thought about wearing a tie, but since I'm nobody's idea of a GQ model (my shirt & pants don't even match today) it would have been a pointless gesture. Maybe even stupid, considering that the footgear of the day, as usual, is black Wal-Mart sneakers with Velcro strap closures. ::shrug:: It's not like they're hiring me for my fashion sense.
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Well, I spent an extended lunch hour over at Accountemps reactivating my file. This involved taking a bunch of tests to see how good an accounting clerk & account analyst I am (pretty good) and how good I am with Excel - good enough to get Microsoft Certification, for what that's worth. Apparently it means that there isn't much I don't know about how to get things done with spreadsheets and charts, which is good since that's mostly what I do around here at the Evil Banking Neighbor these days. Anyhow, the staffer I talked to seemed very impressed by my skills and by all the positive comments in my old file, and sounded very confident of being able to get me work at or above the pay I'm getting from the Evil Banking Neighbor.

The downside is that I won't qualify for paid holidays until I have about nine months' service in with them, though the health insurance will kick in immediately. She didn't say how much that would cost, though I imagine it won't be too different from what the EBN charges us. We'll see. Meanwhile, I need to take some time tonight, do laundry, get organized and figure out WTF I'm going to do for the next year or so while I'm working on my certification and my MA.

It's sure nice to know that somebody in the business world wants me.
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