July 26th, 2004


Reluctantly crouched at the starting line

The leg doesn't hurt so badly this morning after a good ten hours of rest (and Utena) but I'm still going to call in and talk to the clinic nurse about getting some oral & topical antibiotics for it.

jamestrainor is now on LJ! Welcome aboard!

The new Subway in the Northstar building is finally open, and has Coke. I have a few filled-up Sub Club cards to use up. ::enormous evil grin::

No Megatokyo today on account of the San Diego Comics Con, but this is always good.

...and now I really have to hit the shower.

Goodbye, Andrew.

I stopped reading The Daily Dish when Andrew began every third post by whining about gay marriage. Everyone's got their hobbyhorse to ride (and I have mine) but Andrew's became tiresome, and I wandered off to read other blogs. Like this one. Now that AS has almost (but not quite) come out of the closet for Kerry, after spending months sorta kinda wishy-washily supporting the President on the war issue, I think I might as well take him out of my bookmark file. With all his well-heeled readers. I'm sure he won't miss me, and I won't have to put up with his posts about how the (Catholic) Church should get over its "obsession" with celibacy and homosexuality in the priesthood. It's all good.