July 25th, 2004


Four days and a wakeup.

A good weekend, both productive and fun, starting with an excellent sushi/tempura dinner and Registration Committee meeting at Ichiban Friday night, continuing through last night's Blogger Bash at Keegan's and wrapping up today with an official hotel tour of the Thunderbird (we had hotel sales people with us for once) at which staff made major decisions on how the function space was going to get used. Lunch at the New Century ensued with some discussion of signage, security issues, Anime Detour: The Secret Chronicles, and other stuff before breaking up to move furniture and check out the vests at Gander Mountain. Kale settled on some bright orange vests that should do very well for holding all manner of tech gear and blinding any otaku silly enough to look directly at them even before we apply reflective tape; they're in a rather striking shade of blaze orange, since they were originally intended to serve as hunting vests.

I would have stayed longer at the Blogger Bash Saturday night but it seems that the infection in my leg from 2002 has broken out again. I have a extremely tender spot on my right leg that's warm to the touch, and it is just draining the energy right out of me. So far the leftover antibiotic ointment seems to be keeping it under control, but I think I'm going to need some oral antibiotics to spike this thing, which means time lost from work tomorrow or Tuesday, since I can't afford to miss any more class time.

Can't put my finger on it

Last night at the Blogger Bash this question came up: what's the difference between LiveJournals and blogs? Sure, there's some overlap between the things that get done on LJs and blogs, but AFAIK there's no LJ that gets the traffic and recognition Glenn Reynolds gets for being Instapundit.

My answer at the time was that a LJ site is more of a public diary, with not so much pressure to deal with the serious political and cultural issues of the day. I personally rant about some of those things from time to time, but that's because it's what's going on in my head, not because I think thousands (or hundreds or even dozens) of people care what I think. Obviously some people do care what I think - or at least find it interesting - since I do get a fair number of comments, but they're on the strangest things sometimes. Take that "Magic Kingdom" shorts post, for example.

LJs also seem to build networks of friends, or maybe just reinforce them, more easily than blogs. You notice comments people leave on your LJ, or on your friends' LJs, and you put them on your friends list, and people do the same to you, and then you wind up meeting someplace, and it's pretty cool. That doesn't happen with blogs so much because they don't have that feature built in.