July 21st, 2004


Career plans

One of the requirements I need to deal with in order to get my teacher's certification here in Minnesota is a five-day practicum spent observing a teacher in the field. Another is a full semester of student teaching. Trying to get the first done is merely difficult, requiring five days of PTO; trying to get the second done is nearly impossible, considering that the Evil Banking Neighbor is unlikely to give me a paid leave of absence so that I can qualify for a job outside their tentacular grasp. (I can't even get them to reimburse me for my classes, the cheap scum.) One of the ways around this, of course, would be to request a practicum and a student teaching tour with an ALC, which are always short on teachers.

I was pushed into making a firm commitment to this last night. Tuesdays is when my Special Needs class meets. This class is largely devoted to dealing with children who are physically/mentally/emotionally damaged, their parents, and the various legal requirements involved in dealing with both of them. Last night, however, we learned about dealing with kids who don't fit in well with their regular classmates but also aren't covered by the ADA, IDEA, or very much in the way of school staff and funding - gifted and talented kids. A lot of these kids wind up in ALCs or dropping out or otherwise hosed by the system because they're bored stiff by schools that can't or won't give them the mental stimulus they need to be all that they can be. I've met a lot of these kids in fandom - that's where the lucky ones wind up, if they have any interest in science, science fiction, or fantasy.

I'm not much interested in teaching in ALCs because I have this urge to save the world. I just want to reach a few kids who haven't gotten the attention they deserve from their parents or the school system. ALCs are often regarded as a dumping ground for the losers, druggies, drunks, and other screwups who can't fit in and can't keep still for the creaky assembly-line mentality that runs the education factories we call schools. This is a hideous waste of human potential. I'm not saying that these kids are all unheralded geniuses or even nice kids who caught some bad breaks - but there's kids in those ALCs who deserve to know that they're not alone and that yes, the schools did mess them over. I can do that much, and show them the way out.
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So, so wrong...

...but so, so right.

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Taking care of the home front

Came home today from work, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned all the crap out of the living room A/C's filter, did the same to the one in my bedroom, ate dinner, and eventually wound up doing laundry.

I've been mildly tempted to comment on the whole Sandy Berger/Joe Wilson stupidity epidemic, but people can read all they want about that on The Blog Of Professor Death. I just see it as more evidence that once again, W's opponents have been underestimating him and are about to reap the usual rewards of smugness. USS Clueless talks about this in great detail, though he looks forward at what's likely to happen once the campaign season is up and rolling rather than remembering what happened to Ann Richards, who got beaten like the family mule twice running and never seemed to figure out quite what hit her. Obviously, the President is a lot smarter than he looks and sounds, and too many of the chattering classes have been suckered by the look and feel enough so that they don't see the hardcore, no-quarter politician under the cornpone exterior. Yankees have been making that mistake about the good ol' boys for decades, and it looks to me like 2004 is going to be another one of those years.

In my happy place

Yes indeed, the Wombat is pleased tonight. After waiting fruitlessly for the latest Ai Yori Aoshi and Mahoromatic manga to show up at the downtown B&N, I gave up and called the local SF& comics joint, only to be told that the former was sold out and the latter was being held until the San Diego Comics Con. Hmmm, I says. Okay.

Well, as it happens, phoenixalpha and I were meeting for lunch at the Block E Borders, and I decided to take a look at their manga collection to see if maybe they had a copy. Sure, I'd be paying full price, but hey - I was tired of waiting. Borders had moved the manga from the art book section over to a niche of its own by the Hennepin Avenue windows, and sure enough they had both manga that I was looking for. w00t!

Not only that, the August Playboy was sitting in my mailbox when I got home. I don't know what's up with that - my subscription expired in March, and since I don't find the cheesecake worth all the annoying left-wing twaddle, I didn't renew. Still, the issues arrive, and this month's articles aren't so obviously from the tinfoil hat brigade...while Miss August is quite glorious.
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Editing my friends

I briefly thought about creating a couple of sublists in my LJ friends list, but thought better of it. Most of my posts are short and stick to one topic, so if my friends don't like that topic they can skip the post and move on. Hell, that's what I do with some people on my friends list. There are people on there who I would never discuss politics with because it would ruin a pleasant working relationship, and other friends who would be bored to tears by my enthusing over anime or SF. (Okay, actually I can't think of any people like that, but only because I misplaced Madge somewhere in here.) People can deal.

::waiting for the laundry to get dry and the bedroom to cool off::
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