July 19th, 2004


Things to watch

I like Steven Den Beste's weblog USS Clueless a lot, mostly for its politics but also because he's discovering anime and applying the same excellent writing skills to anime series as he does to international affairs.

For example, in this post he talks about Video Girl Ai, Chobits, and Angelic Layer, as well as the problem confronted by every otaku who makes the mistake of going to Best Buy or Suncoast before paying the rent and suddenly realizes he (or she) has a shopping cart full of DVDs...anyway, he does a great job giving plot summaries, and now I'm very interested in seeing the first two anime. People had been raving to me about Chobits, which frankly sounded rather creepy, but apparently it's not as weird as I thought.

One week, with schedule conflicts

Not only is there a blogger bash and a birthday party Saturday night, but there is also MinneTokyo. How to be three places at once, that's the question....or at least dodge the surcharge on drinks at Keegan's for crappy "entertainment". (See 433's post on the subject.)

I feel a little better this morning after all the sleep, and will take a stab at trying the combination of #27 bus and light rail to get to class and then back to the P&R. The ramp from 100 to East 494 is still closed, Old Shakopee is still one lane in both directions at France, and I don't fancy trying to get through the Crosstown Commons this time of day, especially on the Crosstown - 35W's not that bad, but 62 is just hideous.

And so to the shower, and thence to work.

Well, some of this looks right, anyway...

Create an Anime Show
LJ Username
Channel it appears on
Spiky Haired Antagonist joelrosenberg
American with a blond afro tjstriker
Mysterious Alien qob
Defenseless Whiney Love Interest michaellee
Amount of Money this would make $2,073,122,348,704,489,200.00
Number of weekly viewers 2107450505
This fun quiz by Havoc - Taken 59 Times.

...but I think we're going to have to recast the Defenseless Whiny Love Interest if we're going to show this in the after-school timeslot. Don't know if I have any of those in the Friends list, but I bet revolutionaryjo or drunkenphlower or chebutykin could fake it if the price was right...

::loads pistol and waits alone for impending death::

Gacked from animeamiee.
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Well, that was a waste of PTO

Took half a day off today since I was feeling nauseous and feverish, and eventually got home around 3:30. The elevator is still out of order, so I checked the mail and climbed the remaining two flights of stairs to the apartment. I feel a little better now after sucking down a Diet Sprite and some water, and am wondering whether taking the meds on an empty stomach this morning might not have been the cause of the problem, especially since I added insult to injury by drinking a large Caribou Blend this morning while working on stuff. I'll try something different tomorrow, that's for sure.

Of course I didn't go to class. Don't be silly

Philosophy du jour

This test had some interesting results, but nothing too surprising.

1. Aquinas 100%
2. St. Augustine 87%
3. Ockham 78%
4. Aristotle 62%
5. Spinoza 61%
6. John Stuart Mill 50%
7. Kant 41%
8. (tied) Jeremy Bentham/Plato 40%
10. (tied) Cynics/Epicureans/Nel Noddings 30%
13. (tied) David Hume/Stoics 28%
15. (tied) Sartre/Nietzsche/Prescriptivism 25%
18. Ayn Rand 19%
19. Hobbes 3%

No big surprises here. Gacked from The Gweilo Diaries.