July 14th, 2004


Fascination, boredom, and an early bedtime

The Special Needs class tonight was interesting and dull by turns because it covered something I'm all too familiar with but taught me a few things I didn't know before. The unit was on ADD/ADHD, which both of the kids suffer from to some extent (the boring part) and also covered IEPs (snore) but where it got interesting was when a video started talking about biofeedback as a means of controlling ADD. This is something I hadn't heard about befoe coming across an article through the St. Thomas University website, and it's fascinating.

The basic proposition is that since ADD is a neurological disorder, specifically a brain problem, then in order to deal with the problem you have to change the brain. Normally this is done by administering Ritalin, but that can have some ugly side effects, and besides parents will sometimes wait to dose the kids until the kids are home, since the parents (understandably) want some peace and quiet too. Biofeedback trains the children to increase the beta waves -and thus their concentration - while reducing the theta waves. It takes a while to get the effects you're looking for, but when you're done with the biofeedback therapy you have a kid that's better off than if you'd gone with Ritalin or some other stimulant. Check this article out.

Lois and I tried a number of things with our son - diet therapy, Ritalin, conventional therapy, and other brainbending drugs. Odd that it never occurred to us to try biofeedback, considering Lois' long time interest in higher consciousness/altered states and my experience with my little brother, which made me suspicious of drug therapy.

I have some other thoughts on modern school environments and how they might be aggravating or producing EBD/ADD problems in kids, but that's fodder for another post since I need to get cleaned up and get rolling.

Today's ruling called on account of gumption leak

What a day - started half an hour late since I passed up on catching the bus at the Park & Ride so that I could park the Kia at the Sprawl and take the bus to the rail station. That was a mistake - the bus took about 20 minutes to get from the MoA to Fort Snelling, and the train takes about half an hour to get downtown, so by the time I finally got in to work it was 9 AM. I explained to my boss that I'd tried something different on the way in but it hadn't worked, and fortunately she was in a good mood and laughed it off. ::whew::

This being the day before the upload file cutoff, I had a ton of files waiting for me to deal with, and they came in pretty steadily for the rest of the day. This was a Good Thing, since it meant I didn't have to try and look like I'm busy, which I am infamously bad at.

Melody took the 556 downtown and we headed out to get the truck and go grocery shopping, and were trapped on the shuttle in front of a couple of serious airheads. Plus, the transmission and brakes on the shuttle were clearly shot, and I thought either my head or my vertebrae were going to come off. We finally got to the Sprawl, retrieved the Kia, and did dinner at Baker's Square. I had soup and the Cobb Salad, and then ruined the effect with a slice of custard pie. After that, it was off to the Gander Mountain next door where I found a fishing vest in my size (3X, close enough) with a zillion pockets, which will go very well with all my T-shirts - and cost me only $13! I rule! I also spotted some hunting vests with not quite so many pockets and lots of blaze orange which I think would be awesome for the staff at next year's convention (with an "Otaku Ahead" patch covering the Gander Mountain logo) but phoenixalpha violently disagrees. We'll see what everybody says. They're at least useful apparel, unlike the helmets from last year.

And then the grocery shopping - replenishing the lunch meat, yogurt, juice and bread supplies. Geez, what a bachelor pad I'm running here.

So with a couple of minor exception the day ruled greatly, but unfortunately after getting the groceries home I ran out of zap and am about ready to collapse into bed despite getting great (non-hot) chat from chebutykin.
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