July 12th, 2004


A confused start to the week

Well, at least I got enough sleep. Was going to get up at 0530 and try out the bus/LRT option since the new #27 conveniently runs past St. Mary's and over to the Lake Street rail station - but then I remembered this morning when the alarm went off that there was no point to that since I had to take the pillows back to storage, and reset the alarm for 0630. At which point I remembered that I'd misplaced the after-hours access card, so...looks like I get the worst of both worlds. Drive in, pay the $11, and still wind up porting around the pillows until Saturday. Oh, well. At least I'll get home at a reasonable hour tonight after class.

Not helping matters at all.

On my way to the post office during lunch I was greeted by the sight of a truck with an ad on its side bearing the URL of an outfit I'd never heard of before, abortionNO.org. (I'm not providing a link because I'm damn sure not supporting these people.) I didn't recognize what the ad was showing at first, but after I second I realized that it was showing the bloody remains of an aborted child - and that there was at least one other truck with these ads circulating through downtown Minneapolis.

Now, I've never been pro-abortion in any way shape or form, but this is a perfect example of the kind of thing digex meant when he said "The abortion debate is being carried on by the 10% on the extreme ends of the political spectrum, and the other 80% of us wish they'd shut up about it." This kind of in-your-face advertising grosses people out (I'm fairly inured to blood and gore, and I find it disgusting) and is on a par with screaming at people visiting Planned Parenthood clinics that they're gonna go to Hell. It not only doesn't work, it's counterproductive and undoes the good work done by outfits like ProLife Minnesota, which reminds people that the abortionists are killing children, not helping people make bloodless "choices" - but without sticking a big billboard full of body parts in peoples' faces.