July 9th, 2004


Death warmed over

I got to bed last night around 9 and got a good solid eight hours of sleep before the alarm went off at 0530...and got up at 0600. Clearly, it wasn't enough. Time to uncork the last can of Dark Black BOSS coffee and face the hideous day.

I knew it was going to be ugly...

...but I didn't think it was going to be that ugly. Today's weigh-in, after burning one of my free passes to cover last week, showed me tipping the scales at 410 even. That's it. No more manga, music, or anime until I get down to where I was before CONvergence. This is just disgusting.
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I'm laughing on the outside...

...and on the inside, too, quite frankly. On the one hand, I suppose I shouldn't, since the ex has managed to piss our daughter off to the point where daughter won't answer the phone when she sees it's Mom calling, and some part of me thinks this isn't a good thing for daughter dearest - but on the other hand, the sympathy tank for the ex ran dry quite some time ago. On the gripping hand, when the ex does something so absolutely boneheaded and counterproductive as she did today, it just maxes out the old schadenfreude Minimum Daily Requirements.
The ex called me at the office today to ask whether our daughter was in trouble with the IRS for filing late (due to the fact that Mom put off giving her a 1099 form until literally 11:30 PM on April 15), to which I replied that daughter was not the one in trouble, she would just owe fines & penalties for late filing. Ex says, "Oh. Okay." and hangs up, presumably to entice our daughter into conversation by offering to pay said fines and penalties. I e-mail daughter to let her know about the conversation. We exchange some e-mail speculating what the ex is up to, and after a few back & forth exchanges, daughter calls, roaring with laughter.
Not only did my ex offer to do exactly what we'd guessed, she then queered the pitch by offering $20 as a bribe (her words, not ours) for our daughter to come over and chat. I was staggered. This is exactly the sort of thing that her mother did with her, and considering that the ex was going on all the time about not wanting to turn out like her mother, the irony is almost at lethal concentrations.
Let's see...divorce your husband for no good reason, spend a lot of time messing with your daughter's head, try to make "amends" by offers of money. I'm beginning to wonder if she needs a shrink or an exorcist.