June 23rd, 2004



Well, I managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour last night, get a decent amount of sleep, and get going early enough this morning so that I could walk out and catch the bus to work, which saved me $11 plus the mileage on the Kia, both of which could be spent on other, better, maybe even more fun stuff. Blood sugar was also back down in the merely annoying (121-150) range instead of the awful (151-200) or hideous (200+) ranges that it's been in so far this week.

Of course, when I got to work, there was a whole lot of nothing to do, since New Guy Alex was beavering away on the month-end balancing stuff. I killed some time closing AU and opening others, and then got the revenue & expense notifications ready for next Monday. Also made arrangements to take off half a day before Diversicon and after Anime Iowa as well as a whole day before Anime Iowa. That'll leave me with 5.5 days of PTO for the rest of the year...here's hoping I don't get too sick.

Finished The Fountainhead and am now ready to argue with Anne that Atlas Shrugged was actually better. ^__^ Am now reading Ruth Benedict's The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, and anthropological study of Japanese culture done during the Second World War mainly by interrogating Japanese POWs and also issei immigrants to the United States. The book was originaly pubilshed in 1946, and I can't help wondering how much of it is pertinent to modern Japan, to say nothing of the Japan depicted in anime and manga.
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