June 21st, 2004


If it was good enough for Al & Bill...

...I guess it was good enough for Al & Lizz and Chuck and Randi, too. Professor Bainbridge takes a look at the, um, interesting financial shenanigans behind the launching, rough takeoff, and wobbly flight of FrankenNet. You know, Martha Stewart got busted for a lot less than this, and a lot of the Worldnet honchos are looking at jail time for something not much different.

I did get a chance to look at the WSJ story, and apparently Mitch was right - the folks behind the launch of the much-needed [/sarcasm] liberal talk radio network were severely clueless about the business end of talk radio. Now that people who actually know what they're doing are in charge of operations, the network is seeing a little wider audience, though it's still off the air in LA and Chicago.

What a crappy start to summer "vacation".

Today seemed to last several million years, which is usually the case when I don't get enough sleep. So why am I still hanging around doing LJ entries? Dunno...it's quiet, the chair is comfortable (which the one at home really isn't) and I'm just feeling too inert at the moment to want to get up and get out of town.

Forgot to mention in the extended post about the Volunteer Party that Anne Walz managed to find the time to show up, which was good since I hadn't seen her since Anime Detour (and then only briefly) and it's good to talk to her and compare notes on writing. She, being far more disciplined than Yours Truly, has finished the novel she was working on (Allie Indigo and the Flashforce Pilots) but hasn't yet done the final revisions, so I guess we'll have to wait a while yet to see the whole enchilada in print. ;_; We also talked about Heinlein's For Us, The Living, which Anne read and considers more like a piece of Ayn Rand fanfic than a serious novel. Could be; nothing I've heard about Heinlein's first novel moves me to want to buy it, especially not in hardback. Speaking of Ayn Rand, Anne also recommended The Fountainhead to me, since I haven't gotten around to reading it until now.

Installed The Operational Art of War onto Cowzilla last night, which will enable me to waste more time porting my old SPI and GDW games onto it as much as is possible. Unfortunately, anything older than the Franco-Prussian War (which I don't have) isn't really suitable for TOaW, unless I want to do something silly such as reequip the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia with 20th century weapons. Considering that most regiments on both size were actually the size of modern companies and battalions, it could be done, but there are more productive and interesting things to do with the software.

Too much is not always better than not enough

Case in point: I am now the proud owner of two copies of the Cake CD Motorcade of Generosity (featuring "Rock & Roll Lifestyle", among other amusing tunes) while losing the auction for a Designer's Edition copy of the old SPI game Invasion America by one buck since I stopped to eat dinner instead of going straight to the computer when I got home. Curse eBay for using Pacific Time, CURSE THEM! *SHAKES FIST*

At least there's two more copies of the game out there, though one's missing pieces. I really want it just for the map (see last post) but having all the pieces would be nice too.