June 16th, 2004



The June Arcana meeting took place at Dulono's tonight with most of the usual suspects (Eric, Brian, David, Melody and myself) in attendance; Roger Lasley also showed up for the first time since January (Curse those schedule conflicts! CURSE THEM! *SHAKES FIST*) and Earl was unable to make it for lack of staff at the store. So it goes. Membership boomed from 8 to 11 as Melody and I got on board and Eric found Brian's registration. (Yay.)

Much discussion of the need for new blood. Arcana has been a convention populated by old and decadent fans of horror & dark fantasy, for the most part, with occasional young people stumbling in. Consensus of those attending was that we need some young & decadent fans to start showing up and taking charge. I'm doing my part by recruiting Earl to help promote the convention through his radio show and by distributing flyers at the store, which gets a lot of traffic from fans of the macabre and Gothic, and also by pimping for the con right here. What puzzles me is that while a lot of fans like horror movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton, we don't see a lot of those fans showing up for Arcana, and I for one am puzzled by this. Is Arcana doing that poor a job of promotion? Is it just too dull to keep and build on the base of fans it does attract? I don't know, but I for one wouldn't mind making the party a little larger and possibly getting it to the point where we can have a decent number of Goths showing up and making the convention their own place to party. Heaven knows there aren't a lot of places for the under-21 Goths to hang out in and socialize, and Arcana seems custom-made for the purpose. Plus, registration is a ridiculously low $25 through Labor Day. More information

Good heavens, if even half of the people who showed up for the Zombiethon registered for Arcana, it would be a 10% bump up from last year's 40 or so people.