May 29th, 2004


That's a wrap

Did the hotel tour this morning with about half a dozen of the AD concom, who seemed to be pleased by what they saw of the function spaces. Unfortunately, the hotel didn't know we were coming so we couldn't see the suites or the function rooms that weren't in use, but since there was a bridge tournament using the Menominee and the Hall of Tribes and a Latino charismatic church in one of the other large spaces, we did get to see most of the "upstairs" function rooms and do a walkaround so people would have a better idea where everything was. Still a little whining about the decor, but no tantrums about the retro tackiness of it all, which is good since I would have had to hurt somebody.

Spent some time this afternoon decompressing away from everybody and out of the apartment, which was time I needed more than I thought I would. Then I went to get groceries and cat boxes and went home to drop that off before taking the portable DVD player and its bag to Kale. He was working with the projector and his laptop and the most excellent portable screen, and we put the DVD player to work too. Unfortunately it lacks an AC adapter, but he'll take care of that since he works next door to the Lyndale Avenue Best Buy at the Best Buy head shed, so that's one less thing I have to deal with. Melody and I then hung out and watched a buttload of AMVs with Kale & Lauren, but excused ourselves before dinner since we didn't want to impose. Melody claimed to want to sleep when we got home (made sense, neither one of us has quite caught up on sleep since Wednesday's extended bout of truck-induced insomnia) so we stopped at the Ikasu and ate large quantities of sushi.

And here I am at 11:45 feeding my LiveJournal. What a baka.