May 13th, 2004


Not sure why I bother...

...but I find myself taking up the cudgels in other peoples' comments against the people who seem incapable of any kind of political thinking beyond parroting whatever the current line being dished out by the Dominant Media Culture is. Right now it's all the handwringing over Abu Ghraib, which the networks and newspapers are doing their best to shove up peoples' snouts - when the public has already moved on to wanting to know what's up with the murder of Nick Berg. (See Instapundit here and by all means follow the links.) So far I've left comments on Qob's LJ and Brian's...they seem to be the lone conservatives in their particular circles of friends, and sometimes it can be hard to be the only one in a crowd. Maybe that's it - or maybe I just like easy targets. A fish, a barrel, a fully automatic Athlon box...need I say more?


Strange dietary fact of the day: There is no difference in Weight Watchers points between regular Fig Newtons and the fat-free variety - the additional gram of fiber in the regular cookies more than makes up for the trivial four grams of fat.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, there was a slight setback this week in the Battle of the Bulge as I put on about a pound and a half between last Friday and this Tuesday. Could have been normal weight fluctuation, could have been the walleye basket at Culver's on Monday night, though in truth that was merely representative instead of being the sole cause. (No fish jokes, please.) I was actually expecting something like this after dropping almost nine pounds in the ten days ending May 7, since a lot of that loss was due more to being ill for a couple of days than it was to clean living and disciplined dieting, to say nothing of exercise.
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