May 10th, 2004


I don't like Mondays

This one was okay, though. There was enough work to keep me busy, the blood sugar was good all day (below 150, and two readings in the normal range) and the Mahoromatic manga I picked up over lunch was good, not the hentai mess that Steel Angel Kurumi was. Eeg. I want to wash my brain off just thinking about that one - it was nothing like the anime at all. Anyway, the art for the Mahoromatic manga was very similar to the character designs for the series (not always the case) but oddly, there seemed to be less detail in the manga than I recall seeing in the anime. Hmm. Maybe I should nose around on the Internet and see if anyone knows which came first.

I was disappointed that B&N didn't have a copy of John Ringo's new novel Hell's Faire, but on the other hand I have better things to spend $50 on at the moment, and I can easily wait until August for the paperback edition.

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