April 19th, 2004


Back to the bus

The transit strike is finally over, which means that instead of having to take the Kia in and pay $11/day to park in the ramp next to the Wells Fargo Center, I can walk down to the corner where the apartment parking lot meets 106th & Brunswick and catch the express. No complaints until I caught the bus home. There's a weird arrangement where instead of having an express that follows the normal 597B route
(see: http://www.metrocouncil.org/transit/images/routes/M-597.pdf) all the way out from downtown, you have to take the 597C to 99th & Aldrich and change for the 597B. Today I was the only rider on the 597B, and the driver felt compelled to lecture me on what a stingy bastard Governor Pawlenty was for not agreeing to settle the strike earlier. He was lecturing the wrong guy. I basically told him that if he didn't like his job with the MTC there were plenty of trucking companies that would love to have him on board with his CDL. I also told him that I didn't have a lot of sympathy for the strikers since I was very unlikely to ever get $21/hour in my present position, much less get Wells to pay for my health benefits when I retire. "What about all those poor people in the inner city?" he asked. "What about them?" I replied. "I used to be one. I lived down there for 20 years before I moved out here. You always have options."

It was a nice, quiet ride the rest of the way to Brunswick & 106th. Which is the way I prefer it, frankly.