April 18th, 2004


The kind of weekend we've all been waiting for

Brght, sunny, and the wind is blowing hard enough to send the cumulus clouds zooming across the sky. I need to get out and run a few errands (take clothes to the tailor, pick up the Sunday paper, drop some stuff in the mail...) and it's a lot nicer to do it in this kind of weather than when it's cold & rainy.

Nice little get-together for MinneTokyo last night, just Anne and Brian and me and Melody and Mike and Travis. We got a little further into RahXephon (including the obligatory dream sequence episode) and Ayashi no Ceres before watching Puni Puni Poemi. If you liked the crazier, more hyper parts of Excel Saga, you'll probably like PPP since it was loud, crazy, hyper and loud. Did I mention it was loud? We also watched the commentary track, and everyone agrees that we need to get Monica a stuffed fish of her very own the next time she's up here. We also saw one episode of Hellsing before the DVD got cranky, after which we decided to sub in Comic Party and called it a night after that was done.

Posted a few more CDs on eBay last night before the Root of All Evil came on, but couldn't get through to the Stomp Off site for some reason. Maybe it was down for maintenance?
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