April 13th, 2004


Some interesting comments on local fandom


Can't link to the individual posts, so scroll down to the 2004/04/12 0102 post, "Minicon - panel report". The especially interesting part of this is his commentary on the "Community and Fandom" panel, and all the comments from people who are reacting to that commentary.

I couldn't help responding to Carol Kennedy's comment. Yeah, nobody can tell you you're not a fan...but it sure as hell is aggravating to be told by some snide SOB that you're not a "true SF fan" because you happen to get some of your fix from movies or TV or (Saints preserve us!) anime. There sure seemed to be a lot of that type in MNSTF a few years back, and I didn't/don't see anyone telling them to STFU.
Which I expect is a big part of the reason CONvergence is approaching 2000 members, Marscon continues to grow, and anime fans left the state in droves for Anime Iowa...because there sure wasn't anything for them at Minicon.

Alienation, anyone?

Good first week!

Well, even with the visit to the Chinese buffet on Saturday and various burritos from Chipotle during the week, I wound up my first week of Weight Watchers down 7.2 pounds to 404. I don't expect that to last, of course, but it would be nice to get under 400 at next week's weigh-in. All I have to do is stick to the program, drink water the way I have to anyway, and keep up the walking.

In view of the low blood sugar readings I've been having since I started the antibiotic, my doctor is having me cut back on the Glucophage. No change in the Lisinopril, dammit.