April 8th, 2004


ATC elections and the post-mortem

Well, that went fairly smoothly and only ran half an hour over time. We elected the new ATC board tonight and the new officers: TJ will be the new President, Kale Ganann will be our Secretary (he'd already been acting as the recording secretary since Beth stepped out) and I'll continue as Treasurer. Jacqueline, Frenchy and Aaron return to the Board for another year; Jeff Stenzel stepped down and Amiee was ineligible due to her move to Texas, and they were replaced by Melody and Christina. So far so good.

Much happiness over the vast sum of cash we have to work on the 2005 convention with, less happiness over the many things that went wrong this year because we either had no plan, had no people, or just plain didn't execute well. Mainly we talked about registration, finance, operations, cosplay, tech and video issues, with some digression into the hotel issues, volunteer issues and wrapping up with some talk about the dealer's room. General agreement that a big part of our problems was caused by a lack of staff on the one hand and a lack of experienced fans on the other - many of our members were attending a convention for the first time and simply had no idea that the con suite was someplace you could get a drink and something to munch on. The fun will continue Saturday, and we'll have to make some decisions fairly soon about room parties at ACen (May) and CONvergence (July).

Another day at the trencher

Not actually so bad today dietarily. True, the day did start off with an Egg McMuffin meal (small OJ) but I was good at lunchtime and had a turkey sandwich at Jimmy John's with mustard instead of mayo. This brought my blood sugar down to 97 by the time I left work at 5:30, and since I didn't make it over to Chipotle until it had closed, Melody and I made a quick stop at Jerusalem's where I had the large shawirma and the appetizer combo (falafel, fried cauliflower, hummus & pita) before heading over to the ATC meeting. It'll be interesting to see how the blood sugar looks tomorrow, and even more interesting to see how the points work out since I forgot my Weight Watchers stuff when I left for work this morning.

Picked up the new Baseball Prospectus today at B&N and got it signed by one of the authors, Nate Silver. Mmmmm. Yummy sabermetric goodness. I think the 2003 Prospectus was a big factor in vaulting me to second place in my Yahoo! league last summer, and I'm hopig to do as well again. We'll see how it goes.