April 7th, 2004



...you just want to smack the crap out of people for being so f*cking ignorant. Tonight's class in Curriculum & Instruction was one I really didn't have to attend, since I was too sick to present my microteaching assignment and my unit plan isn't ready to hand in quite yet, but I did anyway since I missed all the Assessment classes last week and the final on Monday. No, it's not logical, but I'm sick (still) and not thinking totally straight. Be that as it may, the first three lessons from my classmates were good, even great, but then the fourth one just sucked rocks.

The first three lessons were very clear on what they were trying to teach and went about it in a very straightforward manner. Lesson #4 was not at all clear on what it was supposed to be teaching, but it had something to piss off everyone in the class, especially those of us that were still irritated over last semester's Diversity class. Our classmate J., who I don't have much in common with aside from some genes (maybe) and our madrelengua, spent his half-hour ranting about Jim Crow, segregation laws, and how awful it was down South. My classmate Lenora, a black lady from Mississippi, was hacked off thirty seconds into this presentation and I wasn't far behind, but we sucked it up and let him do his thing - up to a point. After a while I couldn't restrain myself from pointing out that a lot of the examples he was citing were in fact not Southern at all - such as Brown v. Board of Education, which had to do with segregated schools in that archetypal Southern state Kansas. However, J. had his little agenda in process and was not to be deterred by a few inconvenient facts. I was never so glad to be gone from a class in my life.

If I never again meet another Yankee bigot who tells me how horrible things are down South while kvelling over how great things are in Minnesota, it'll be too soon.

Stomach stapling? I better start with the mouth!

Started Weight Watchers (again) on Tuesday and have been doggedly tracking my meals for the last couple of days. It hasn't been pretty. I've been spending way too much time and money eating fast food loaded with starchy greasy goodness. *sigh* Back to the frozen boxes, carrot sticks and fresh fruit. It's not going to come off any other way. You'd think I'd know that by now, wouldn't you? I've only been doing this sort of thing for most of my life, after all.
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