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Ignorance is no excuse.

Responding to an intemperate post by one Brian Gentile, Juan Non-Volokh quotes extensively from an e-mail by Volokh Conspiracy reader Steve Hamori in which Hamori basically says Leiter doesn't know WTF he's talking about when he says that Dubya is paving the way for fascism in America. Juan goes on to link to an excellent article by David Ramsay-Steele over at the Libertarian Alliance that examines the evolution of Mussolini from Marxist agitator to il Duce and of Fascism from heretic offshoot of Marxism to something very different. (There's a very useful analogy drawn in the article: Marxism is to Fascism as Catholicism is to Unitarianism, but in the interest of avoiding being talked to death by Unitarian jihadis I'll let the reader ponder the implications of that on his own. ^_^)

Also worth examining is a long post by Clayton Cramer in response to the above wherein Clayton explicitly links the "progressives" in America with the Fascist ideology.

Falangism has elements in common with Fascism, but the Catholic and explicitly nationalist elements of the ideology differentiate it rather strongly from the other forms of Marxism and syndicalism. It's pretty much a dead letter politically anyway.
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