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phoenixalpha rode into downtown with me again today, which was good since it let me use the HOV lane at the ramp and for the few miles of 35W south of 494 where it exists, and thus I made it into work more or less on time. Wasn't sure I would; for some reason I failed to pull the pin on my alarm clock last night before falling asleep, and didn't get up until phoenixalpha banged on the bedroom door to ask if I was going to work today.

Work today has been busy. It's the day I plow through the preliminary invoice, a time-consuming exercise that takes up all of the morning and most of the afternoon. I also had the usual dozen or so AU to open and close, to say nothing of dealing with research inquiries, all of which takes time.

After work today is the second class of the week. We're supposed to bring in a rough draft of our lesson plan for other people to critique tonight, and I'm just going to bring the one I did for last winter's class. It was good enough last time.

Finally, a stop in Edina on the way home to pick up the new shades, which are ready seven days ahead of the promised time. Go, Pearle!